Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Psyched on getting an illustration in the new Mercy E-Zine, and that we'll be playing a show for them in an old paint shop on the street that nearly forgot its own name.


I was Tuesday evening blue with a pain flower in dull bloom just left of my stage-right hip bone. The dog in the next yard shookah-shook a yard dog’s day from his shoulders and watched the lock on the gate to the alleyway. “All your months will begin on a Sunday” said the boy in black to a girl in grey who maybe then got home without her keys. I was heavy eyes under weekend weight, and I held my hands to sleep.

Friday, 13 August 2010

You know you're going to make a good record when...

a partner in crime sends a message that reads "The drum sound on Physical Graffiti is mega!"

Couldn't agree more.

Monday, 2 August 2010


Caught Rob Penn's Ride of My Life on BBC 4. He bolted about the world buying bits to make his dream bicycle. Some good enough moments, but did a rather bad job of feigning super-loco enthusiasm at every turn (For fuck's sake Rob, it's only a fucking headset), as well as confusing most of his interviewees by pissing himself at really odd moments. He came out with a Campag Record groupset on a Rourke frame with Cinelli bars, a Brooks seat and a Chris King Headset and rode off into the distance with his wallet some 5 grand lighter.

Wimbledon-bound tomorrow, with a pit stop in Camden, followed by some summer rain in Anglesey with the Crash Gang.

Obsessed with Exciter's "I HATE SCHOOL RULES"

And the less said about the album cover, the better.