Sunday, 17 April 2011

Quick fire.

Work. Print and graphics got my time painted into a corner so no rock music of late. I will be looking forward to the UK Joan of Arc tour, though, especially since I was lucky enough to watch the at the Grackle in Austin playing Owls songs. Psyched to see that every day for a week in June. Looking forward to getting back upon the Hot Club horse.

Lost Art went mail order and so you can buy the stuff we printed and some of the stuff I designed over the internet. Internet orders recieve a free tote bag featuring a sticker design I did for the shop around 100 moons ago.

Blueprint should be sending these to print in the near future. Mackey got twinned with Mark Baines for number 1 of their Hype Man Bro Model. An ode to the industrial Victorian might of Liverpool and Sheffield:

Would your fantasy gig be supporting Queen at Wenbley Stadium to an audience of dogs?

Mine would. Details of the fantasy line up show to come soon.

It's bicycle weather. Bye.