Monday, 29 March 2010

The Rise and Inevitable Fall of The High School Suicide Cluster Band

Totally putting out a new record in May. It'll look like this and will feel like reverse board and the vinyl inside should weigh 180g. As its Moshi's 100th record they're doing 5 GOLD vinyls Will Wonka-style. Maybe the winner gets a day out in a pressing plant in the Czech Republic.

We were loading out of The Stag's Head the other night. I was carrying Al's fan and some guy said to a girl I suspect he was failing to have sex with "That's their biggest fan." Dad jokes are like nails in coffins. And mate, its not our biggest fan. My mother is, you prick.


  1. Come on, that's dead funny! Did she start having sex with him straight away?

  2. She totally put out, mid-swoon!