Sunday, 11 September 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

I completely forgot to spiel about my involvement with a total wonder-film directed and produced by my bros Sam Walkerdine and Luke Marsh.

I was super touched when Luke approached me to get involved with both the graphic design and soundtrack for a documentary film about the beach combers on the island of Texel off Holland. Sam and Luke spent intense amounts of time navigating hours upon hours of interview clips before they hammered the footage into an intriguing, melancholic masterpiece of a short film. I remember Luke showing me a beautiful time-lapse of the sun setting over Texel. When I asked if they'd use it he said, "nah, it's a bit telly." Their stubborn dedication towards an honest account makes for a better watch.

Despite seeing works in progress and cut after cut, it's only tonight that I've seen the final version thanks to a Facebook link popping up on my feed. I'm proud as anything that it's my music accompanying the footage and my design work helping to tell the tale (though, Luke's motion graphics work sets it off perfectly). Most of all I'm proud of my friends Luke and Sam for properly nailing the shit out of their film. Look:

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