Friday, 9 September 2011

Update-a-thon 1: Outfit

What has one worked on? One worked on much and told nothing to no one, until now. I have a sleeping puppy but often the sleeping puppy is a devil in disguise and he seamlessly transforms the flat into a right old piss and shit safari. A rare moment of calm is the time to update the weblog, so here it is, the first of an update-a-thon.

Months ago, near the start of the 2011, I shacked up with the dark and murky Outfit in the darker and murkier Hot Club de Paris praccy room and recorded some of the songs they'd penned-off since the demise of Indica Ritual. Shuffled and sorted mainly from Lodge residents, the new band was open, delicate and moody - a total departure (i felt) from the taut-as-fuck-everything-on-at-once approach of Indica.

We recorded 5 songs and whilst only three of the songs got a public airing on their totally decent website, I hope that somewhere down the line ears will hear the rest of what we did and like it.

My favourite song from the session is without a doubt Mirror Park. Describing it is to do it a complete disservice (because it's difficult not to use the words 'jazz' and 'chill' with a hyphon between them), so hopefully it'll end up somewhere sometime soon. Maybe they'll let me post it here.

Their first release was the blissy Two Islands on Hari's Double Denim label. It's a belter of a song that suits the more hi-fi production approach the band have employed since our lo-fi, sit on the floor session. It's also illustrative of Andy's recent shift towards more emotive and personal lyric writing. Suits his massive brain well. I do hope however, that the pop-shine of Two Islands doesn't mark an abandonment of lo-fi production and that other records might contain the scratch and murk that suits them so well. All in all, recording Outfit was one of the funniest and rewarding sessions I've worked on and I hope all this good press snowballs into a lengthy career for 5 inventive and truly talented bros.

Listen if you haven't already:

Up next: recording with Vasco da Gamma, new Hot Club de Paris studio, Bad Meds, In the Room Print Co, the great Lost Art re-brand and a recording session with this man:

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