Thursday, 15 April 2010

Dock Road Bridge Happenings/Sexual Justice

Listening to a new Hot Club recording on XFM. Their compressors are fucking RELENTLESS. Sounds like a distorted stereo taking a turn on a twatted-in trampoline. John Kennedy just said "Paul Rafferty on Thunderbroom", which eases the pain a little.

Thursday night ride was PITIFUL.

They've closed down the footpaths either side of the battered-off bridge and erected a plywood tunnel through a usually bollarded middle. A terrified man sat on a mountain bike on the north side was peering down the tunnel and as we passed, muttered "Where does that lead?" in a shaky baritone as though he'd found himself at the gates of some kind of Fuck-Hell. Later, a man (who I expect is a total tit) was pulling wheelies on some souped-up motorcycle whilst his mate stood on the pavement listening to Rhianna out-loud on his phone. I have no idea why these dudes were not balls deep in a gang of decent sluts. There really is no sexual justice.

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