Thursday, 22 April 2010

Jim Demitriou

Googlemail is a mess. I get emails for 300 Paul Raffertys that aren't me every 30 seconds or some shit. Love this uptight dude attempting to organise a relaxing golf trip with his mate Raffo. I suspect he'd like the army more than having a laugh:

From: jim demitriou []
Sent: 22 April 2010 17:28
To: Paul Rafferty
Subject: Golf on Monday

The Shire London Golf Club. EN5 4RE

If we go M1 1hr 30mins

If we go A14 – A1 2hrs but less traffic

Pick me up 7.15-7.30 I guess.

Arrive 9.30-10

Bacon Rolls & Tea 10am

Start 11.30 finish 4.30

4.30-6 drinks and awards

6-7.30 Dinner

Trousers and collared shirts for golf

Smart casual in the club house, smart jeans allowed.

I live in broughton Astley.


Station Road

LE9 ---


Jim Demitriou

Head of Sales


  1. Go and pick him up at stated time from stated address! Do it!

  2. You should go, it sounds fucking ace. Let me know if you're going again and I'll see if I can join you. Thing is I'd need to be home by 7.36pm at the very latest.

  3. You never know, you might end up marrying him! Fate!

  4. Bacon Rolls & Tea 10am - is right!

  5. Actually sounds like a totally mega day.