Sunday, 30 May 2010

Free the Pterodactyl 3

Joe Tucker made this with the help of Liam and Heather. Heather, sorry we broke your door. I hope you're enjoying your new lock:

Now the rain was laced with pity. The beaches met the coastal roads and street lamps led them blind into the city fast asleep. And the wind carried the curses of collisions in the darkness and the accidental crunch of devil's purses underfoot. I was thinking who out of us all I thought would grow up and just how right and wrong I'd been in equal measure. She is buried treasure. She is bored. Butterflies will die towards the end of summer years, and apparently she's just ignoring them. A friend, he put it simply "If I understood, then I could understand..." These blue eyes grow ageless. The sky feels contagious when the stars recall spots on those teenager's faces who come down here after dark to learn how to fall apart, to dance with the devil until they become free of God's will again. We have surnames for the taking but the girls don't understand the men with guilt the shape of local police stations and the last train home. She settled down and said 'goodnight', never said 'goodnight' and went out in a blaze of glory in a bar room full of history, hope and pity. If I understood, then I could understand. The blue eyes grow ageless. The sky feels contagious. If you were the stars that means I was the places that we went.


  1. Dead nice, this. You've done alright, 'int ya?

    P.S. My favourite bit is the most twee part with the colours falling, and Heather wasn't the least surprised.

  2. Thank-you, The Rebeckotronification Unit. The falling drapes section is the intense budget-flex pinnacle of the video. I'm not suprised Heather wasn't the least bit suprised. Call me old-fashioned, but no woman should have to open the door to her home with a pair of pliers.